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Web Starter Package: Get your business on-line with our basic starter package, which includes:

  1yr Registration,
- Single(1) simple Web Page,
- 1yr. Annual Hosting Package,
- Initial submission of your site
  to Multiple Search Engines

Packages Start @ $275



FUSIAN Web Solutions
  . .focusing on providing Cost-Effective Web Solutions to Small Business Owners in the York, Lancaster and Harrisburg Pa areas.


Our Business Focus:

FUSIAN Web Solutions was created to address the specialized Web needs of the Small Business Owner.

To achieve this, FUSIAN recognized that:

- the small business owner has limited resources and time;
- the small business owner doesn't have the time to become
   a Web Expert and manage a Web Site!
- your financial resources must be well utilized and effective.

FUSIAN Web Solutions can get you on-line with your own Web Site without spending:

- $Thousands for a customized Web Site, or,
- $Hundreds / month to have your site hosted, or,
- excessive time learning how to design, build, maintain a Web Site!

Our Customer Focus:

Our Service focuses on providing you, the small business owner, with a low cost fully managed Web Solution which functions like your own Web Master - managing your web site for you and thereby eliminating the need for you to develop / hire the necessary in-house expertise.

FUSIAN Web Solutions will create a Web Site that:

- supplements your current printed advertising, thereby attracting more Customers!
- allows you to present your business in more detail to prospective Customers than you could otherwise, in a cost effective manner!
- will help create the desire within prospective Customers to give you the opportunity for their business instead of your competition!

Finally, it is our goal to provide you a web site with the best overall value:cost ratio for your business !!

FUSIAN Web Solutions' Mission is to provide you, the small business owner, a cost effective opportunity to get your business on-line, supplementing your printed advertising by providing your potential Customers more detailed information about you and your business, resulting in additional business opportunities.